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    As leading roofers in Blackpool, our services ensure your home or business stays protected and well-insulated, enhancing energy efficiency and preventing costly future repairs. Trust us to maintain the integrity and value of your property with our expert and reliable solutions from the best local roofing company.


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    Are you searching for roofers in Blackpool? Major construction work on your home or business can be stressful, especially with Blackpool’s winter weather bringing strong winds and heavy rain.

    Roof and chimney repairs have become increasingly common, particularly for older homes. Check out our helpful guide on roofing repair work:

    At Blackpool Roofers, we pride ourselves on offering comprehensive roofing services to many areas in and around Blackpool.

    Our commitment to quality and customer satisfaction extends beyond the central Blackpool area to ensure that residents and businesses in neighbouring communities receive the same high standard of roofing services.

    The areas we support include Blackpool including the FY1 to FY9 areas nearest to you:

    • Blackpool
    • Marton
    • Lytham St Annes
    • Thornton-Cleveleys
    • Poulton-le-Fylde
    • Fleetwood
    • Bispham
    • Kirkham
    • Warton
    • Freckleton
    • Staining

    At Blackpool Roofers, we understand that roofing issues can be confusing. Here’s a simple breakdown:

    • New Roof: This means completely replacing your old roof with a new one. It’s like giving your home a brand-new hat that will last for many years. This option is best if your roof is very old or has extensive damage.
    • Short-Term Repair Work: This involves fixing specific problems on your existing roof, like patching a hole or replacing a few shingles. It’s a quick and affordable way to extend the life of your roof temporarily, especially if the damage is minor and your roof is relatively new.

    Choosing between these options depends on the age of your roof, the extent of the damage, and your budget.

    A professional inspection can help you decide the best course of action for your home.

    Installing a roof might seem complicated, but here’s a straightforward explanation to help you understand the process:

    1. Inspection and Preparation: The first step is to inspect the existing roof and prepare the area. This involves removing the old roofing materials and checking the underlying structure for any damage.
    2. Decking: Once the old materials are removed, new decking (usually plywood or OSB) is installed to create a solid base for the new roof.
    3. Underlayment: A protective layer called underlayment is laid over the decking. This helps to prevent moisture from getting into the house. It’s like putting on a waterproof jacket before heading out in the rain.
    4. Flashing: Metal pieces called flashing are installed around areas where the roof meets walls, chimneys, or other structures. This helps to direct water away from these joints to prevent leaks.
    5. Shingles or Tiles: The main roofing material, such as shingles or tiles, is then installed. These are laid in overlapping rows to ensure water runs off the roof without seeping in.
    6. Ridge Caps: Special shingles or tiles called ridge caps are placed along the roof’s peak to cover the top seam and provide extra protection against wind and rain.
    7. Gutters and Downspouts: Finally, gutters and downspouts are installed to channel water away from the roof and foundation of the house.

    Throughout the process, our professional roofers ensure everything is securely fastened and properly aligned to withstand the local weather conditions.

    This methodical approach ensures your new roof is both durable and effective in protecting your home.

    Understanding the difference between a re-roof and a new roof install can help you make informed decisions about your roofing needs.


    A re-roof is like adding a new layer to your existing roof. Here’s what it involves:

    • Layering: A new layer of shingles is added over the existing ones.
    • Quick Fix: It’s a faster and less expensive option.
    • Limitations: Suitable only if your roof has one layer of shingles and is in generally good condition without major water damage or sagging.

    New Roof Install

    A new roof install is a complete overhaul of your roofing system. Here’s what it entails:

    • Complete Replacement: The old roof is entirely removed, and a new roof is installed from scratch.
    • Long-Term Solution: It’s a more durable and comprehensive solution, ideal for roofs with significant damage or multiple layers of shingles.
    • Higher Cost: This option is more expensive and time-consuming but offers a fresh start with new materials.

    Choosing the Right Option

    • Re-Roof: Best for minor issues and when the existing roof is still in good shape.
    • New Roof Install: Ideal for extensive damage or older roofs needing a complete replacement.

    Consulting with a professional roofer can help determine the best solution for your specific situation.


    Ready to start your roofing project? At Blackpool Roofer, we bring our extensive experience to every job. Whether it’s repair, re-roofing, tile replacement, leak fixes, or a new install, our expert team provides reliable and high-quality services.

    We offer a range of solutions, including pitched and flat roofing services and damp proofing to prevent future damp issues. Our repairs and new installations meet high standards, making us one of Blackpool’s top roofing companies.

    As a local company, we help you save money by considering repair options over replacements whenever possible. If you’re looking for a leading roofing company in Blackpool, we provide affordable options without compromising on quality.